This material was published on since April 29,2018 for people who are interested in Ngo Hung Dien’s physiognomy teachings


The Russian collusion investigation has left President Donald Trump’s attempts at major economic, political, military, social, and diplomatic reforms in deep mire. Mr. James Comey initially fired the first shot, creating a serious dilemma for the United States that might affect the future of the whole world. Over a year and a half has passed, but no one knows when this issue will halt; and as of now, its outcome is unpredictable. Based on general physiognomy features of the five following people involved, Prof. Tran Quang Quyen applied Ngo Hung Dien’s physiognomy teachings to analyze the issue in the point of view of a physiognomist.


JEFF SESSIONS – Attorney General



Jeff Sessions has a physiognomy set of a round, undersized body shape and crossed eyes. The facial area from the nose down to the chin is dull brown and wrinkled, especially around the jaw. The ridges on his forehead are not symmetrical and broken, and the face is covered all over by smoky cold dark blue color. In addition, his cheek bone areas are concaved and have some ovals. Finally, his eyes have weak countenance. From the above physiognomy features, put together the sets. Each set contains one or more of these physiognomy features. These sets help identify his role in this investigation as followed: A person with a physiognomy set including a round form, undersized body shape and crossed eyes is very clever, can quickly sense dangers, and is always able to find ways out. The physiognomy features from the nose to the chin indicate a difficult later life with many great torments. The physiognomy features of the forehead and the ridges combined with bad forehead color are signs of struggles relating to his position and fame. The concaved cheekbone with obscure ovals signifies that the person is not aligned with his colleagues. The analysis above can help explain his behavior from the beginning of the Russian collusion investigation and in the future. One cannot expect him to make impartial and fair contributions to this investigation.


ROD ROSENSTEIN – Deputy General Attorney


Rod Rosenstein has a physiognomy feature of a heavy upper-light lower face portion, overexposed eyes, a “fire-blowing” mouth, pointy ears and broken eyebrows.  These physiognomy features show that when facing serious distress or in panic, he tends to attack with deadly blows, but the results are not as expected. He will cause a lot of trouble in solving the Russian collusion probe.


ROBERT MUELLER – Special Prosecutor


Robert Mueller has some precious physiognomy features and also some destructive physiognomy features. It should be noted that one destructive feature can cancel out ten good features. His precious physiognomy features include symmetrical, even, fine, and clear forehead ridges; a bright Fame zone; “authority” eyes, “cap” hair; and eyebrow as well as eye bag features that are fine, bright, balanced, and incredibly postured.  He has a square jaw with fully developed jaw corners, “thread-biting” lips, a curled-up chin, clear and full glabella, a round tip nose with wealth signs, wavy check muscles, and watery ridges that run along the tails of his eyes.  His destructive physiognomy features compose of  pointy ears with pointed earlobes, outwardly turned ear lines, “fishing line” hair, and Yin skin. A person with the above physiognomy features is often assigned important and covert tasks. Since the physiognomy features representing his goodwill are well in line with the features representing his responsibilities, he always exercises prudence in his work. Additionally, when making decisions, he is very determined. Opponents who want to challenge him must have great debating skills  to go toe to toe with him. Do not ever lie to this person because no one is able to get away from his authority eyes.  Having skin with more Yin substance drives him to completely trust his aides when making decisions, which will cause trouble in the future. His uneven cheeks covered by a mix of bright and dark colors combined with heavy dark brown jaws and destructive ears form a physiognomy set that shows a sign of a person who will be placed in a serious situation because of aides in his inner circle. The analysis above shows the deadlock of the Russian collusion investigation because of Mueller’s personality and the overwhelming influence of his subordinates.


DONALD J. TRUMP – The 45th President of the United States


Donald Trump has countenance and form of a mixed set of a dragon, a lion and a wolf. A person who is considered having both square form and countenance should have all square forehead, face, and body. His forehead is flat as a screen; and his eyes, eyebrows, and eyebags are fine and fully developed with impressive posture. His countenance is abundant. The cheek bones and Mệnh zone form a full, solid and firm block. He has strong nose, “thread-biting” lips, a curled-up chin with fine and bright color, good ears that have well-formed rims with curvy and succulent earlobes, as well as silky and light hair.  A person having the above physiognomy features is a national hero and is straightforward and upright due to his square form and countenance. In his life, he will have opportunities to do great things for his country. However, if he does mean and trifling things, he will face fatal failures. His eyes, eyebrows, and eyebags form a fine shape with impressive posture, especially his eyes, which have strong countenance. His thread-biting lips with cheek bones and cheeks which forms a full, solid and firm block make him a type of person who is extremely willing to pursue his goals regardless of situation once he sets his mind up, and he also likes to face his opponents. He will enjoy his old ages because he has curvy and succulent earlobes, silky hair, strong countenance eyes and curled-up chin. Trump’s physiognomy features are opposite to those of Mueller.  Apart from the common feature of a square face, the other features are almost inverse to each other, according to the physiognomy laws of “soul mates vs sworn foes”. The opposing features are Mr. Trump’s chest raises up when walking while that of Mr. Mueller bends down. Trump’s eyes are long and Mueller’s eyes are short.  When comparing their cheekbones, Mr. Trump’s cheeks and cheekbones are full, square and solid while Mr. Mueller’s cheeks and cheekbones are thinner, wavy and the square jaw corner is very distinct, etc.  The difference in their features and in countenance (Trump has more Yang substance while Mueller has more Yin substance) shows that Trump looks at the issue with big vision while Mueller focuses in details. Therefore, Mueller’s team will have more advantages if they have plenty of time for the investigation; on the other hand, Trump’s team will have the higher ground if they can recruit someone who is strategic, knowledgeable in Russian collusion probe, talented in public debate, and has enough stamina to deal with Mueller’s investigation policies. Based on observations among Trump’s major supporters during the 2016 Presidential Elections,  Rudy Giuliani would be the best choice to help Mr. Trump deal with Mr. Mueller’s team.


RUDY GIULIANI – Former New York Mayor


Rudy Giuliani has square face, coconut head, and a fully developed forehead with thin forehead skin. He also has long, small, vivacious and rolled-in pupil eyes deeply hidden under the eyebrow bones. The areas around the eyes are full of Yin. His  jaws are long and fully developed, therefore he is extremely patient. Other prominent facial features include bow lips, a curled-up chin, and pulled-up ears. A person with the listed above physiognomy features is very clever and lucky. He has a special talent in convincing people; he is loyal, straightforward, ethical, and is able to deal with anyone. He has a diplomatic nature of an artist. Giuliani will take an assignment regardless of his fears and reservations about the assignment. Therefore, he can cover both the large and the microscopic aspects of an issue. Thus, a person having his physiognomy features is very much needed to play a critical role in Trump’s team in solving the Russian collusion probe and defending against Mueller. Giuliani’s physiognomy features counter that of Mueller.



The prolongation of the Russian collusion investigation wastes a lot of taxpayers’ money and causes a larger divide between Republicans and Democrats, making it more difficult for Trump’s agenda which benefits the United States and the world. The people involved in this investigation should be sincere enough to find a solution to end the Russian collusion investigation.