Prof. Quyen Quang Tran:

Prof. Quyen Quang Tran first learned the art of physiognomy from his mentor Mr. Ngô Hùng Diễn, an expert physiognomist.  Tran spent nine years learning the art of physiognomy and the next fifty years practicing it. 

Prof. Tran holds bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and education and an MBA in corporate finance.  He has worked for the Vietnamese Ministry of Education, the National Economic and Social Council, the National Economic Development Funds in Vietnam, and the International Finance Corporation, a private arm of the World Bank Group in Washington, DC. 

Prof. Tran is an instructor with second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do as well as the founder of the nonprofit Tai-Chi Institute, and he is also the founder of Physiognomy Institute Incorporation (PII). 

Prof. Tran’s latest accomplishment is the creation of Friends of the Disabled, which funds cataract operations for poor people, provides help for orphans and pregnant women in various health and living needs, and donations to the St. Jude Children’s Hospital and its Cancer Research Center.   Tran remains dedicated to helping the needy in many different ways.


Dr. Hai Le:

Dr. Le  learned the art of physiognomy from her mentor, Professor Quyen Quang Tran,  for almost 10 years. 

Dr. Le holds a Medical Doctor degree and a MPH (Master of Public Health).

Dr. Le is President of the Physiognomy Institute Incorporation (PII), and she has been assisting Professor Tran in running the Friends of the Disabled, a non-profit charity organization founded by Prof. Tran.


Hoai-An Dinh Nguyen:

Mr. Nguyen has learned the art of physiognomy from his mentor, Prof. Quyen Quang Tran, for almost 10 years.

Mr. Nguyen holds baccalaureate degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. He is a former Senior Network Engineer and currently a Primary Researcher.

Mr. Nguyen is Vice President of the Physiognomy Institute Incorporation (PII), and he has been assisting Prof. Tran in running the the Friends of the Disabled, a non-profit charity organization founded by Prof. Tran.