This material was published on on May 2, 2018 for people who are interested in Ngô Hùng Diễn’s physiognomy teachings


There can be little doubt that the Russian collusion investigation has captured the attention of the American public, the media and of authorities in all three branches of the US Government, and especially the Presidency. Some might argue that, in doing so, the issue has distracted attention from even larger national and global issues.  Over a year has passed since Mr. James Comey initially fired the first shot on this issue, creating a serious dilemma for the United States that might affect the future of the whole world, at this time there is as yet no end in sight.

Without taking any position on the merits of the case, can the outcome be predicted simply on the basis of the general physiognomy features of the key actors involved in the investigation? This is what Professor Quyen Quang Tran has set out to do, drawing on more than 50 years of experience as a practicing physiognomist. Professor Tran is the author of two books: “Physiognomy: The Art of Reading People” and “Tuong Phap Ngô Hùng Diễn”, both of which provide detailed insights into the principles and applications of the physiognomy teachings of the great Vietnamese physiognomist Ngô Hùng Diễn.  Professor Tran has made hundreds of predictions using his deep knowledge of physiognomy, including on such prominent cases  as the fate of princess Diana, the legacy of President Obama, the disappearance of flight MH 370, and the result of the 2016 US presidential election. Here are Professor Tran’s views on the likely outcome of the Russian collusion investigation, based on the physiognomy of five key actors involved in the investigation: Attorney-General Jeff Sessions; Deputy Attorney-General Rod Rosenstein; Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller; President Donald Trump; and President Trump’s counsel Rudy Giuliani.


JEFF SESSIONS – Attorney-General


Jeff Sessions has a physiognomy set that comprises of a round, undersized body shape and slight crossed-eyes. The facial area from the nose down to the chin is dull brown and wrinkled, especially around the jaw. The ridges on his forehead are not symmetrical and are broken, and the face is covered by a smoky, cold, dark blue color. In addition, his cheek bone areas are concave and have some dark ovals. Finally, sometimes, his eyes have a weak countenance. A person with a physiognomy set that includes a round form, undersized body shape and slight crossed-eyes is very clever, can quickly sense dangers, and is always able to find a way out for himself. The physiognomy features from the nose to the chin indicate a difficult later life with the possibility of many torments. The physiognomy features of the forehead and its broken ridges, combined with a bad color on the forehead, are signs of struggles relating to his position and fame. Finally, concave cheek bones with dark ovals signify that a person is not aligned with his colleagues. From the above physiognomy features, put together the sets.  Each set containing one or more of these physiognomy features helps identify his actions in this investigation. Taken together, his physiognomy features can help explain his behavior from the beginning of the Russian collusion investigation and in the future and to predict that he is unlikely to make impartial and fair contribution to this investigation.


ROD ROSENSTEIN – Deputy General Attorney


Rod Rosenstein has, as key physiognomy features, a heavy upper and light lower face; overexposed eyes, a “fire-blowing” mouth, pointy ears and broken eyebrows.  These physiognomy features show that, when facing serious stress or panic, the person tends to attack with deadly blows, but the results may not turn out as expected. He will cause a lot of trouble in solving the Russian collusion probe.


ROBERT MUELLER – Special Prosecutor


Robert Mueller has some precious physiognomy features and also some destructive physiognomy features. It should be noted that one destructive feature can cancel out ten good features.  His precious physiognomy features include symmetrical, even, fine, and clear forehead ridges; a bright “fame” zone on his forehead; “authority” eyes, “cap” hair; and eyebrow as well as eye-bag features that are fine, bright, balanced, and incredibly well postured.  He has a square jaw with fully developed jaw corners, “thread-biting” lips, a curled-up chin, a clear and full glabella, a round-tip nose with wealth signs, wavy cheek muscles, and watery ridges that run along the tails of his eyes. His destructive physiognomy features comprise pointy ears with pointed earlobes, outwardly turned lines on his ears, “fishing line” hair, and “Yin” skin. A person with the above physiognomy features is often assigned important and covert tasks. Since the physiognomy features representing his good will are well in line with the features representing his responsibilities, he always exercises prudence in his work. Additionally, when making decisions, he is very determined. Opponents who want to challenge him must have great debating skills in order to be able to go toe-to-toe with him. One should never lie to a person with his features, because no one is able to get away from his authority eyes.  Having skin with more “Yin” substance drives him to completely trust his aides when making decisions, however this is likely to cause trouble for him in future. His uneven cheeks covered by a mix of bright and dark colors, combined with a heavy dark brown jaw and destructive ears form a physiognomy set that point to a person who will be placed in a serious situation because of aides in his inner circle. The analysis above helps to explain the deadlock of the Russian collusion investigation because of Mueller’s personality and the overwhelming influence of his subordinates. 


DONALD J. TRUMP – The 45th President of the United States


Donald Trump’s physiognomy, in both countenance and form, comprises a mix of the features of a dragon, a lion and a wolf. A person with a square form and countenance should have a square forehead, face, and body. The President’s forehead is flat like a screen and his eyes, eyebrows, and eyebags are fine and fully developed, with impressive posture. His countenance is abundant. The cheek bones and the “Mệnh” zones below them form a full, solid and firm block. He has strong nose, “thread-biting” lips, a curled-up chin with fine and bright color, good ears that have well-formed rims with curvy and “succulent”, i.e. full and honey-colored, earlobes, as well as silky and light hair. A person having the above physiognomy features is a national hero. He is direct and upright, due to his square form and countenance, and is the type of person who is determined to pursue his goals once he sets his mind on them, regardless of the circumstances. He also enjoys facing his opponents and taking on problems head-on. In his life, he will have opportunities to do great things for his country. However, if he does mean and trifling things, he can face catastrophic failures. He will enjoy old age because he has curvy and “succulent” earlobes, silky hair, eyes with strong countenance and a curled-up chin. President Trump’s physiognomy features are the opposite of those of Mr. Mueller.  Apart from the common feature of a square face, the other features are almost inverses to each other, in line with the physiognomy laws of “soul mates vs. sworn foes”. The opposing features include the following: Mr. Trump’s chest is raised when he walks, while that of Mr. Mueller bends down. Mr. Trump’s eyes are long while Mr. Mueller’s eyes are short.  Mr. Trump’s cheek bones and the “Mệnh” zones below them form a full, solid and firm block. while those of Mr. Mueller are thinner and wavy, and their square jaw corners are very distinct.  The difference in their features and countenance (Trump has more “Yang” substance while Mueller has more “Yin” substance) shows that Trump looks at the issue from the big picture, while Mueller focuses on the details.  Mueller’s team will have more advantages if they have plenty of time for the investigation. On the other hand, Trump’s team can gain the higher ground if they can recruit someone who is strategic, knowledgeable in Russian collusion probe, talented in public debating, and who has strong stamina to deal with Mueller’s investigative approach. Based on observing the physiognomies of among Trump’s major supporters during the 2016 US presidential election, Rudy Giuliani is a strong choice to help Mr. Trump deal with Mr. Mueller’s team.


RUDY GIULIANI – Former New York Mayor


Rudy Giuliani has a square face, coconut head, and a fully developed forehead with thin forehead skin. He also has long, small, vivacious and rolled-in pupil eyes, deeply hidden under the eyebrow bones. The areas around the eyes are full of “Yin” element. His jaws are long and fully developed. Other prominent facial features include bow lips, a curled-up chin, and pulled-up ears.  A person with the above physiognomy features is very clever, lucky and patient. He has a special talent in convincing people. He is loyal, straightforward, ethical, and is able to deal with anyone, drawing on great diplomatic flair.  Giuliani will take on an assignment regardless of his fears and reservations about the assignment. Therefore, he can cover both large and minuscule aspects of an issue. A person with his physiognomy features is a great asset in the defense team for President Trump on the Russian collusion probe.


Independently of the merits of the case and based solely on a physiognomy analysis of the key actors involved in the Russian collusion investigation, Professor Tran concludes that before Mr. Rudy Giuliani was recruited by President Trump to lead his legal team, the Russian collusion investigation could have gone on indefinitely with no clear end in sight.  However, the arrival of Mr. Giuliani will improve communications between the President’s team and Mr. Mueller’s team. Moreover, whatever the final findings of the investigation may be, a reading of Mr. Giuliani’s physiognomy indicates that he is likely to contribute in an important way to an earlier, more orderly and transparent closure of the process.